4″ Aerial Cable Guide

The Roller-Type Aerial Cable Guide is used to guide and straighten cables as they are pulled into a lashing position from a stationary or moving cable reel.

With its 3 sheaves to guide cable with minimum friction, this is the best tool you can use when handling especially heavy cable, or when using an aerial basket for “drive-off” lashing.

The guide rides along the strand on a roller bearing for smooth movement.

A built in grip prevents back rolling during span transfers.

Also included with the guide is a safety chain to prevent the guide from coming off the start.

For 4″ cable or bundles to 4″.

These cable guides have 2 rollers instead of the rubber grip and they do not require the use of the hitch weldment or hitch field kit.

Product Details

CAT Number91605
Weight (lbs)30

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