J2 Cable Lasher

The Model J2 Cable Lasher is used to lash one or more aerial cables to a supporting strand or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire.

This machine will lash any cables up to 3″ diameter on any suspension strand from 1/4″-7/16″.

Features a fast setup procedure, quick coil loading, and automatic drum lock for easy span transfers and smooth forward travel.

Consists of a rotating drum supported on a carriage that provides the mounting for a driving mechanism, cable lifters, cable, and strand rollers.

The positive internal gear mechanism has no chains or belts to stretch, slip, or break.

This machine is constructed with heat-treated, plated steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum components. It contains sealed and oilless bearings to minimize maintenance and assure durability.

The J2 lasher makes overlashing easy: push down on the strand roller knob, rotate it a quarter turn, and you can lash additional cables together on previously lashed cable.

Product Details

CAT Number86070
Weight (lbs)46

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