D Cable Block

This D cable block is used for supporting a single cable up to 2.75″ diameter on a 1/4-3/8″ bare strand prior to the lashing process.

These units are normally placed anywhere from 15 ft. to 25 ft. apart on the strand depending on the cable weight and pulling conditions.

The frame and sheave are made from 100% heat-treated aluminum alloy.

The sheave contains Oilite bearings for a smooth pulling operation and a long-lasting life span.

Each strand hook has steel inserts on its underside for smoother pulling and less wear.

The bi-directional cam is lever-operated and locks the frame on the strand to prevent travel while pulling in cable.

The cam automatically releases the block when pushed by the lasher from the other direction.

The cable block features an eye hook that allows you to lift the unit and lock it into place from the ground by using the D Cable Block Lifter.

300 lb. load capacity rating.

Product Details

CAT Number72680
Weight (lbs)3.8

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