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HA0040: Optional Puller pad for 4001D Post Puller

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The 4001D Pole Puller utilizes a swivel and back plate combined with a chain for maximum grip as the hydraulic cylinder removes the pole. The pole puller can be disassembled for easy transport and storage. The 4001D includes the hydraulic cylinder, base plate (not pad), back plate, swivel chain hook assembly, and 6′ of chain

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H4905A: Uses serrated jaws or wrap around, high-strength alloy chain. It’s able to pull most any post size and shape, faster and easier than conventional manual methods, and includes pulling chain

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The PP10 is designed to remove flanged type sign posts and irregularly shaped posts up to 8 in. / 20 cm wide. It features an 8 inch / 203 cm stroke and pulling force of 9800 lbs / 4450 kg. The PP10 uses two methods to solve post pulling problems. For flanged posts, gripper jaws grasp the flange and for irregular posts, a chain is used. Pins on the end of the chain may be inserted into holes in perforated posts to keep the chain from sliding. The PP10 is furnished with gripper jaws, chain with pins,

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