SP-SERIES remote head units connect to any 10,000 psi, high pressure, hydraulic pumping system. A 3/8” screw-type male coupler is supplied with each tool. Huskie Tools remote cutters have a hinged head which can be opened for easy cable or bar insertion. The movable blade advances in a shear fashion, to cut the material cleanly. When the cutting pressure is relieved an internal ram spring retracts the blade. The guillotine cutting style was chosen over scissor type cutting because of its powerful output force, larger cable capacities, compact size and reliability

Product Details

CAT NumberSP-32CC1
Output Force (ton)24
Jaw Opening (in)1.25
Size (in) LxWxH13.5″ L
Soft Steel Bolts1″(soft steel bolts), .9 cable (HI-TEN strand bolts)
Rebar, Ground, & Anchor Rods1″ (anchor, ground anf rebar) #6 Bar (solid bar, including anchor-type rib bolts), 7/8″ (500+ Rebar)
Guy Strand7/8″ (EHS)

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