SL-95YC is designed to cut copper and aluminum cables as well as lead-sheathed telecommunication cables. The extremely large jaws and scissor-type blades allow for easy cutting of large underground cables. The sidebar handle allows the user to stabilize and balance the tool. This tool also has a built-in bypass cartridge to avoid cutter damage for those cables that are beyond the cutter’s capacity. The open jaw design allows the user to scoop up cables that are against a wall, in hard to reach areas and/or the ground.

Product Details

CAT NumberSL-B95YC
Weight (lbs)6.8
Output Force (ton)9
Jaw Opening (in)3.7
Size (in) LxWxH21.5×3.8×3.1
Copper and Aluminum3.7″ (Al)
Communication and lead sheathed wire3.7″ (telecom. wire), 2.5″ (lead sheath)

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