RHCC129ACSR: Features an interference-free closure for mid-span cuts, precision cutting blades for clean cuts, a high strength steel cylinder, light weight, ergonomic desig, and a durable canvas carrying bag stores tool and accessories. The tool has a specialized latch head design interference free closure for mid-span cuts, Precision cutting blades for clean cuts on Cu/Al, ACSR, ground rods, rebar, guy strand, and soft steel bolts

Product Details

Weight (lbs)6.21
Size (in) LxWxH11.41×3.65×2.3
Soft Steel Bolts5/8”
Rebar, Ground, & Anchor Rods5/8” (ground) 1/2″ (rebar)
Copper and Aluminum1.29”
ACSR1113 kcmil
Guy Strand1/2″ (standard) 3/8″ (EHS)

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