REC-S620 can replace an entire tool kit, including conventional bolt cutters, hacksaws, acetylene torches and cable cutters. It features a hydraulic two-stage rapid advance system to reduce cycle time. A flip-top latch and rotating head provides exceptional maneuverability. The REC-S620 has an overload bypass when the tool reaches 6.6 tons.

Product Details

CAT NumberREC-S620
Weight (lbs)6.8
Output Force (ton)6.6
Jaw Opening (in)0.75
Size (in) LxWxH13.3x10x3.1
Wire rope5/8″
Rebar, Ground, & Anchor Rods1/2″ (ground) 1/2″ (rebar (SC 40)) 3/8″ (rebar (SC 60))
Guy Strand3/8″ standard

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