R-14EH Single Acting Hydraulic Pump: Push buttons permit the user to advance and retract at will. The user is never committed to a full cycle|and can always back off at any time during the advance even under pressure. This feature increases efficiency because cuts and crimps can be adjusted as necessary|simply by stopping the advance or retract mode. A 10-foot remote control cable provides both safety and convenience. The user can set up an operation and then move away from the work site before engaging the tool. An over-ride switch on the pump allows full control at the pump motor. The low amperage of this pump allows it to be used virtually anywhere.

Product Details

CAT NumberR-14EH
Weight (lbs)33.2 (full)
Crimper TypeSingle Acting Hydraulic Pump
Size (in) LxWxH9.5×10.5×15.5
Power Output1/2 HP 6.5 Amp
Oil Capacity2 qts

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