Rotary Impact Hammer Drill: Adjustable flow control prevents overspeeding and allows precise control of drilling speed. Hammer drill in concrete, brick, rock, and other difficult-to-drill materials. Makes 16% larger holes in concrete and 11% larger holes in wood. It features a selector for drill or hammer/drill modes, rugged gear motor, built-in slip clutch to guard against over-torque, and a depth gauge and auxiliary handle are removable for tight areas

Product Details

CAT NumberHID6506
Weight (lbs)9
Size (in) LxWxH11.2×3.5×11
hydraulic CapacityConcrete: 7/8″ Wood: 1 1/8″ Steel: 1/2″ Core-Bit: 2 5/8″
MotorSuper Spool Selector Control
Flow range (gpm)4-12
Operating pressure (psi)1000-2000
ChuckSDS Plus bit shanks

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