Steel Arm: Designed for use on the
arm of a steel pole, the Steel Arm Yoke mounts over a .75” – thick end plate. Swivel castings in the end of the yoke assure proper alignment of the Chance Strain Poles to the conductorend yoke. The load rating is dependent upon the angle of the end plate on the arm; 45 degrees is maximum angle allowed with a rating of 9,000 pounds. In-line loading of the yoke permits a rating of 15,000 pounds. Bronze pins place the strain poles 21 inches apart, center-to-center. A lifting eye is cast into the top of the yoke for the purpose of landing the yoke upon the end plate of the pole arm

Product Details

CAT NumberC4000445
Weight (lbs)14.75
Capacity (lbs)15,000

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