WS64U Series


34260 WS55 Mid-Span Stripper: For mid-span & end stripping of aerial cable. A versatile tool with a fast slide-action adjustment to easily accommodate a variety of cable sizes & insulation thicknesses. It operates on all tree wire & spacer cables and features easy grip plastic handles that are designed for gloved hand operation only. Compatible with 34294 Cutting Blade and 10112 Ringing Blade

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37174 WS 64-U-M260: For Mid Stripping, installed with 42395 blade

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37295 WS 64-U-EM: For End Strip and Mid Span Stripping, installed with 37284 and 37299 blades

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37297 WS 64-U-E: For Mid-End Stripping, installed with 37299 blade

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37296 WS 64-U-E: For End Stripping only, installed with 37284 blade

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